Organisational Model


Fuorimuro s.r.l., during its accounting year 2018, adopted its own organisation, management and control model and appointed its Supervisory body as provided by Legislative decree n. 231/2018.
The legislative decree n. 231/2001 has introduced into the Italian Law the concept of “liability of Companies for administrative offenses resulting from criminal acts”.
The organisation and management model pursuant to legislative decree n. 231/2001 together with the Supervisory body that guarantees  the supervision and the updating of the aforementioned models,  are the  tools that the legislative decree 231/2001 itself provides to the company in order for Fuorimuro s.r.l. not to be liable for administrative offenses resulting from criminal acts.
In order for these Models to carry out their preventive purpose, they are composed by the Company codes of conduct and code of Ethics that current and future stakeholders have to be aware of and have to respect.
In this section the general part of the 231 model adopted by Fuorimuro S.r.l. has been published.
On motivate request, it is available the complete version of the model at Fuorimuro registered office.

Fuorimuro s.r.l. Board of Directors

Supervisory body contacts
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Via Operai 8
I-16149 Genova
Phone : +39 010 6520502
Fax : +39 02 42108502

Operational Office


Varco al Ponte Eritrea
I-16152 Genova
Phone: +39 010 7316829
Fax : +39 010 7316829

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